Join Us In the roasting room for Exclusive Loft Performances by Local Musicians

Elevate Your Evenings with Live Music

The Roasting Room offers an intimate setting where you can connect with the music, the artists, and fellow music enthusiasts on a profound level. These talented local musicians bring a piece of their souls to each performance, creating an unforgettable, authentic experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you’re a music connoisseur or a casual listener, our loft is your sanctuary for musical discovery, a place where you can unwind, socialize, and be inspired.

Let’s go over some new things we’re trying out at the Roasting Room this go-round. This expression is called ‘For One Week Only Live at the Roasting Room. It’s a handful of shows that we’re doing in 2023 for all those diehard fans that have been dying to see a show back in the Roasting Room. We’ve changed up the seating quite a bit for our regular weekly use for Corner Perk and Christian Renewal Church that is using the space on a weekly basis. The biggest change is that there’s not reserved seating. All of the seating is first come first served. What you’ll notice upon arrival is a comfy cozy seating for the first 50 or so guest to arrive. There’s a couple rows of the benches you know a love from the good old days. There’s also a few rows of comfy leatherish couch-like seating along the right side and of course seats at the bar. There’s standing room viewing for all the rest of the guests. That’s right, we want you to be comfortable if that’s important to you but we want as many people as possible to get in where you fit in this go round. We really hope you like it and we can’t wait to see you soon!

November 21st

Pretty Darn & Special Guests

7pm show $35 

9pm show $35 

All Night Superfan Pass $70

November 22nd

Jevon Daly & Silicon Sister

7pm Jevon Daly $25

9pm Silicon Sister $35

7pm Songwriters & Storytellers $35

November 24th

Whitley & Zach Deputy

7pm Whitley Deputy $25

9pm Zach Deputy $35

November 25th

Angie Aparo & Special Guests

7pm Angie Aparo & Special Guests $45

9pm Angie Aparo & Special Guests $45