The Math Checks Out.

In my last post, I must’ve struck a certain tone with many on the dire straits of the Roasting Room’s ability to survive.  What transpired over the past 2 weeks was inspiring, to say the least.  Y’all have stepped up and bought gift cardsbecame patrons, and sent over notes of support and encouragement.  We’re grateful for this community of music lovers.  We’re also thrilled to announce, because of you:
Here’s the deal; things will look and feel a bit different in the early stages of this recovery, but we’ll still be putting out the same quality product as we had previously.  Here’s what to expect from us beginning on November 27:

1) Masks are a part of the revised Roasting Room dress code.  You must wear a mask in order to enter the Roasting Room.  Also, wear shoes and a shirt.

2) Our revised capacity is 35 sellable tickets, with each row being spaced to the best of our ability.

3) Most performances will be a 2-show affair.  The first performance will begin at 6pm, followed by an 8:30pm performance.  Door times for each will be 30 minutes prior to showtime.  We’ll be wiping down surfaces between shows.

4) You’ll notice more local acts on the calendar, and we urge you to support them as you would support a national.  These locals are good.

Our goals are simple: We want to reopen, and do so safely.  I know that, with a little effort on everyone’s part, we can make that happen.

Stay tuned for upcoming show announcements (heads up, you PATRONS!) as we get back into the swing of things.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.