Sword of Damocles.

Cicero may not have known it at the time, but his account of Dionysius and Damocles is one that will live on, and seems even fresher today.

Quick recap: Damocles had a man crush on Dionysius, his Sicilian King in the 4th century BCE.  Damocles mused to Dionysius that he’d give anything to have what the king had, so Dionysius said, “If you’re up to it, here’s the throne and the crown.  You can be king for a day!  Oh, and one more thing; I’m going to hang this sword above you held fast by a single hair of a horse’s tail.  I’m sure everything will be fine.  Have fun!”  ‘Ole Dionysius knew what a precarious position being a king was in the 4th century BCE, and his use of the sharpened sword ready to fall at a whisper of disturbance is a spot-on analogy.  Damocles was not enthused, and had to beg Dionysius to take back his throne and crown.

We at the Roasting Room feel like Damocles.  We want to control our own destiny and have the power to make choices that serve our interest and the interest of our cohorts.  Yet there’s the specter of danger lying in wait in the shape of COVID.  It only takes one positive test by a patron, employee, or artist and the sword falls.  Our business demands a more stable society in which to operate.  Also, we’re still legally unable to open due to government restrictions of indoor venues, so there’s that.

Over the past 4+ years, we’ve built your trust through providing high quality entertainment.  We’re at a new stage in our business in that we need to build trust through safety, which is an entirely different animal.  

We’ll weather the storm.  Our spirits are muted, but by no means are they low.