Summer Break.

The summer is winding down, and with the slow changing of the season, a renewed sense of urgency has crept in here at the ole Roasting Room.

As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve had a silent summer.  No emails, social posts, office hours, or meetings.  While the silence has been cleansing for the soul, I’d be disingenuous if I said I didn’t miss the day-to-day and the extraordinary that greets us here at the Roasting Room.  Our staff misses the rush of adrenaline when the house lights go down and the stage lights slowly illuminate.  The artists miss the hush of the crowd as the artists’ crescendo builds to a climax and the Roasting Room fills with sound, light, and is all at once alive.

Sure, we’re hopeful.  We know there’s an end to this COVID-induced mess that the entertainment industry is in.  We’re not immune to the stoppage of work, and we’re doing our best to make sure that the Roasting Room won’t die from it.

The Corner Perk is going to open the Roasting Room bar beginning this Saturday evening for a soft-open from 6-8pm, and will continue to do so for a happy-hour feel, even though we won’t be able to host ticketed shows on the production-side.  It will be a casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere.  They will be following all current social distancing guidelines, so bring your mask and keep your distance.  

On the ticketed show front, we’re either working on moving or have moved the September shows safely into 2021.  We urge you to buy tickets to those rescheduled shows, as we’re banking on a slowdown in the spread of COVID by then.  Ultimately, each one of us has a role to play as to whether the Roasting Room remains viable.  

I’d like to see how far this little room can go in the affect of the musical culture of this area.  We appreciate your help and encouragement along the way.