Real Talk.

It’s high time we had a conversation about what is going on up here at the good ole’ Roasting Room (and what’s not).

First, let me preface this email with a sprinkle of sugar; I don’t envision a full-stop closure of the Roasting Room, but it’s time to temper our expectations.

Now, let’s talk about our feelings.  I’ve felt a wide range of emotions during the past few months, and I’ve reached the acceptance phase of the loss of live music and nationally touring artists visiting our vibrant town.  I’ve felt it necessary to keep a stiff upper lip when I hear from friends and industry professionals alike wondering where their next meal will be coming from, and I’ve done my best to help those that needed it most.  We’ve come to a point now in the timeline of the shutdown where we’re close enough to the edge of insolvency that I feel a major rethink is in order.  When we get to a point that we can no longer afford to refund tickets due to zero cashflow (sooner than later), we’re staring down the barrel of closure.

Now, being optimistic is my default state, so I’ll say this: Things COULD change for the better.  The experts COULD be wrong.  The virus COULD “disappear” after the election, as I’ve heard some say.  Touring agencies COULD change course and open up regional acts for touring again, and we’re back to hosting shows at full capacity by January 2021.

However, touring artists aren’t going back out on tour until at least March 2021.  Our capacity can’t allow for a head-count reduction and still remain viable.  If we can’t produce shows indoors until there’s a vaccine, we’re not going to be able to do what we once did.  In the end, it’s not emotion, it’s math.  The math doesn’t check out if we can’t do the above soon.

There are ways to keep our cashflow up during the downturn, and it’s solely dependent upon future-leaning optimism.  I’ve spelled out below how you can help keep the Roasting Room afloat, and I urge you all to consider spreading the word that the arts in general are vital, and that original live music is vital to a community’s health and continued growth.

Hang in there, and wash your hands.