These past two weeks have been all about moving forward while being idle. The floors have been resurfaced, the benches are coming along nicely, and we’re looking to really wow you all when we get the “all clear”. Speaking of which…

What does an “all clear” look like at the Roasting Room? I’m not alone in thinking that this may be a slower process than opening up the doors and allowing a flood of people back into our lives. It may begin by opening restaurants with fewer seats, or allowing fewer people in the room at a time. As the CDC and local, state, and national policy unfolds, we’ll be ready to heed any advice for the reintroduction to normalcy. Frankly, any move toward normalcy would be met with jubilation. It may be selling fewer tickets to shows, or perhaps moving some of the higher-profile upcoming shows to a later date to allow for a fuller room. All ideas are currently on the table, and no one yet has a clear answer.

Just like all of you, we’re taking our time and allowing our daily lives to unfold with the unfettered determination that we WILL come out stronger, leaner, wiser, and more aware of how good we truly have it here in this beautiful town among our friends and family. Sure, we’re not currently seeing any movement back to normalcy, but this, too, shall pass.

Above all, stay positive, safe, and healthy. We want nothing more than to open up our doors to all of you unscathed.