Blue Dogs Saturday 5/11/2024 @ 8:30 PM


Get ready to howl with excitement because the Blue Dogs are here to rock your world like never before! Prepare for an electrifying journey filled with soulful tunes, infectious rhythms, and unforgettable performances that will leave you begging for more.

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📅 Date: May 11, 2024
🕒 Time: 8:30 PM
📍 Venue: Second floor directly above the Corner Perk coffee shop

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  • This event is 21+ only, and ID is required for entry.

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The story of the Blue Dogs commences in South Carolina, where two lifelong companions came together to form a band that has become known for their uplifting original tunes, lively performances, and seamless fusion of rock, pop, and country. This narrative unfolds with the release of “Big Dreamers,” their highly anticipated debut album in 16 years. Produced by accomplished guitarist Sadler Vaden, a longtime admirer of their music, the album cements the Blue Dogs’ status as one of the most cherished and enduring bands in the state.

Established in 1987 and rooted in Charleston, the band is still spearheaded by songsmiths Hank Futch (bass) and Bobby Houck (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), who share a childhood bond hailing from Florence, South Carolina. Joining them in the studio for this project were guitarist Dan Hood, steel guitarist Charlie Thompson, and longstanding drummer Greg Walker. Additionally, former member Phillip Lammonds contributed to the writing of three new tracks, imbuing “Big Dreamers” with a sense of nostalgia and continuity.

“We’re pursuing our passion for making music and sharing our sound with whoever will listen,” remarks Futch. “We’ve perhaps embodied Americana before it was even termed. But authenticity has always been our compass in crafting these songs.”

Houck adds, “We still have stories to tell. We’re capable of crafting songs that resonate with us, confident that others will find them appealing too. There’s much more to accomplish, more stages to grace, and perhaps larger audiences to reach. This album extends our journey in ways we hadn’t imagined.”

Vaden skillfully captures the quintessential Blue Dogs essence in the opening track, “The Good Ones,” a nostalgic piece reminiscent of their ’90s albums such as “Music for Dog People,” “Soul Dogfood,” “Blue Dogs,” and “Letters from Round O.” While maintaining their signature sound, Vaden also encourages the band to explore new territories. The studio collaboration thrived on trust and Vaden’s discerning musical instincts. As a member of Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, he brings a wealth of experience having collaborated with artists like Bahamas, Beck, Drivin N Cryin, and Josh Ritter.

“I have a longstanding connection with these guys,” reflects Vaden. “They hired me when I was just 18 or 19 to play with them. I’ve always admired their sound, even prior to joining them on stage. This record encapsulates the essence of the Blue Dogs for me. It’s a return to their roots while showcasing the highlights of their evolution. Some aspects are refined, others retain a raw edge.”

Following nearly two decades of touring, the Blue Dogs took a hiatus in 2007 as Futch and Houck ventured into non-musical careers to support their growing families. Yet, they remained receptive to inspiration, jotting down ideas for potential songs, anticipating the opportunity to reunite for another album. Upon committing to studio sessions with Vaden in Charleston, Houck found himself overcoming a long-standing bout of writer’s block. Meanwhile, Futch had been nurturing an idea that ultimately materialized into the album’s title track.

“‘Big Dreamers’ celebrates family,” shares Futch. “It acknowledges the journey Bobby and I have undertaken over the past 15 years, prioritizing family life. Rekindling our dedication to music and reigniting our creative spark feels enriching. It’s a commitment to ourselves, our peers, and our families.”

The album resonates with the distinctive Blue Dogs charm evident in tracks like “Young Love” and “All Night Long,” alongside the irresistible allure of “That’s How I Knew,” an ode to finding enduring love. Embracing a message of positivity and inclusivity, “Love Is Love” welcomes listeners from all walks of life, while “The Good Road” affirms the possibility of redemption no matter how late in life.

Family ties are interwoven into the songwriting process. Futch’s daughter contributed to the genesis of “Big Dreamers,” earning a writing credit. Houck’s father suggested the title “If Ever,” which proved to be prescient. Two tracks on “Big Dreamers” were co-written by Houck and Nashville songwriter Radney Foster. Additionally, bluegrass luminary Jerry Douglas lends his Dobro skills to “The Road You Don’t,” a poignant reflection on parental wisdom.

Evoking the timeless melodies heard on beach music radio stations, “Carolina Grand” paints a vivid portrait of coastal life across generations. Houck’s family has maintained a vacation home near Ocean Drive in North Myrtle Beach for three generations. Serendipitously, Vaden discovered that his childhood home was nearby. The song, co-written by Houck and Vaden, resonates with anyone who has experienced the allure of these sandy shores.

“Listening to the Blue Dogs transports me back to the Carolinas,” remarks Vaden. “Their acclaim has yet to extend beyond South Carolina and the Southeast circuit. I hope this album introduces them to a wider audience, acknowledging their legacy. These guys deserve recognition for the caliber of music we’ve created.”

As “Big Dreamers” draws to a close with the blues-infused “All Out of Time,” one can’t help but wonder if the opposite is true.

“Returning to the studio felt remarkably natural,” reflects Houck. “We were determined to release an album that stood on par with our previous work. This record signifies that our dream is alive and thriving.”