Phase One.

Phase One of societal re-integration has begun, and we, along with all of you, are awaiting results on whether or not easing stay-at-home orders and opening up restaurants for outdoor service will yield higher counts of infection in the coming weeks. Your friends at the Roasting Room are further down the list as far as Phases are concerned, but we feel it’s a positive step to get back to making live music happen here. Time will tell. In the meantime, I have a thought for you all.

One of the prevailing ideas being tossed around is the act of purchasing tickets for an artist, not particularly for when they’re coming to town. If you live locally or even regionally, chances are good that you’ll be able to attend a rescheduled date, regardless of how far in the future the date needs to be rescheduled. Here’s the rub:

If you’d like to see an artist at the Roasting Room at any time, buy a ticket to the show. If the show needs to be moved to a future date, your tickets are still good. If you can’t make the show for whatever reason, you have three options, all of which will be presented to ticket holders directly if there is any change in the status of the show:

Give/sell your tickets to a friend/neighbor/boss/cleaning lady

Donate your tickets back to us to keep us operating optimally

Request a refund

Each option is an email away. We’re here for each other, and we’ll continue providing timely communication and quality entertainment to those that are eager to enjoy it with us.

An even better option: Buy A Gift Card. They’re good for online ticket purchases, and they never expire.

See you up here (eventually).