Let There Be (Better) Light.

Upgrade time, Roasting Room lovers!

After much discussion and hand-wringing about the current state of our lighting system, we said “Let’s go big, or go…well…Let’s go BIG!”  Isaac Smith, our house engineer/lighting nerd, made a call to his friends over at Michael Gaster & Associates in Savannah and made our updated lighting dreams come true.  

Why this matters to you: The sound up here is great, and with an updated lighting package the experience here will be EVEN MORE immersive (if you can believe it).  Smoother transitions, more control with a physical console, higher quality washes for better video quality (stay tuned for that…) and an overall cleaner presentation will make your favorite venue that much better.

How can we afford this?!  Our dear sponsors have allowed us the opportunity to make decisions that directly benefit you and your experience here.  They should be thanked over and over again.

Look for these upgrades to happen within the next few weeks.  Yes, 2020 ALREADY looks better!