Latitudes Margaritaville is a relative newcomer to the Bluffton State of Mind, but after spending a few hours on their grounds and in their brand-new facilities, I get the sense that there will be A LOT to talk about in the coming years about that property just off 278.

Today, though, I’m not here to plug Latitudes. I present to you this fine Tuesday a show that will bring you great joy. A show that will bring you to your feet. A show that…well…is easier to take in that it is to describe.

Of course, I’m talking about Peter Mayer’s performance on March 6 with his son Brendan. As we all know, familial harmonies are the best harmonies. Peter Mayer is Jimmy Buffett’s lead guitarist in The Coral Reefers, and has been since 1988. The stories he’ll share on March 6 will most likely be the stuff of legend.

I mentioned Latitudes earlier because Peter will be performing for members there from time to time, along with other Coral Reefer band members. That’s great for Latitudes Property Owners, but it’s also great for you, dear reader. It will most likely mean they’ll be here at the Roasting Room, too.

Stay tuned…