Circle The Wagons.

Hemming and hawing has begun in earnest here at the ole’ Roasting Room with the reopening of some restaurants and other close-contact businesses in the area.  We’re itching to produce live music performances, but there’s an underlying dilemma that’s bubbled to the surface, and I’d like to take a minute and chat with you all about it.

When we opened the Roasting Room in late 2015, our focus was the experience of live music, and being sure to produce the best experience every time we open the doors.  Over the past 4 years we’ve gotten better at that, and were on pace to reach a level of musical production that would’ve been unmatched in a 200 mile radius.  We’ll still get there, but things have changed a bit.

In the age of COVID-19, that experience changes drastically.  In the short term, worrying about whether or not patrons are 6 ft apart at all times, and opening our doors to 50% capacity (or far less, according to some models) runs perpendicular to our original mission statement, and frankly is an unsustainable business model.

I’ve taken a hard look at what we can “get away with” compared to where we were, and there’s very little middle ground.  The Roasting Room is not a big place, and having a touring artist drive 150+ miles to play for less than 20 people isn’t “getting away with” anything, other than simply being able to say that we tried.  We at the Roasting Room know what we’re capable of, and are willing to wait this out in order to produce events on a level that’s not compromising the health, safety, and experience of those in attendance.  Artists and patrons alike deserve better.

With that said, what do we do?  We wait.  We’ll continue to push shows into the future to allow artists the opportunity to play for more people.  No ambiguity.  In the meantime, your tickets are safe and secure with us, and will be applicable to the event when it’s finally able to be produced.  After all, it’s your experience that is at stake.

I’ll leave you with this ray of hope; We’re not going anywhere.  We’re gearing up for some great new features that will make the Roasting Room better than ever, but we’re a patient people.  When restrictions are loosened, we’ll be here ready to welcome you back into the fold.  Entertainment is necessary to the well-being of all humans, whether we fully understand it or not.

The Roasting Room has incredible and vital support from Scott Evans and John Sturm at John’s Music Hilton Head, Jen and Curt Hubner at AIC, Kevin Aylmer at The Bluffton Sun, Patrick Phillips at Cavulus, Rich Reed at Charter One Realty, James Atkins of Court Atkins Group, Dr. Elizabeth Abell at Harbor Point Dentistry, Diego Mahecha at Hargray, Alex Gregory at Montage Palmetto Bluff, Scott Colyer & Aaron Wilborn at Dick Broadcasting (Rewind 107.9, Rock 106.1), Josh Simpson at Simpson Construction, Kevin Sevier of State Farm Insurance, and Doug Marshall at Stratus Entertainment.  Their support has kept the future bright for us.  

If your business is in a position to support our cause and join the family, reply to this email or GO HERE.  

Hang in there, and wash your hands.